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Dear friends,

A couple of years ago I ran a 5K for the first time to raise money for Salvadoran Enterprises for Women, a great organization I have been involved with for the last 10 years. I have continued running ever since and I am bumping up my miles. This Fall I will run a 10K to raise money for SEW: the Across the Bay: 10K on November 5th. Yes!  Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, here in Maryland.

SEW helps women in rural areas organize and come up with a business idea, it provides them with seed money to get them started and accompanies them in the process for several years with training and technical assistance until their businesses become self-sustainable. I have always been inspired by the empowering process these women go through: many start as shy, impoverished, and marginalized women who then become entrepreneurs, community leaders, and role models. And, most importantly, they are able to provide for their family, themselves and their communities; many go back to school and run for political offices in their home towns!

At first I thought doing the Bay Bridge run as my first 10K was crazy, because it is like a little mountain, it goes uphill for half the run! Then I thought this is nothing compared to the mountains of obstacles rural women face in El Salvador, such as poverty, violence, and gender-barriers. They overcome these obstacles when provided the right tools. They are just amazing women!


I invite you to join me in this 10K journey and support women in El Salvador.  Please donate in honor of my run. It is amazing how small contributions can go a long way into providing the tools these women need to start their businesses and pave their way out of poverty:

$10 Flour for bakery
$20 Electricity in the restaurant
$50 Transportation for trainings
$75 Meats for sausage
$100 Feed and vitamins for hen farms

Anything, no matter how little makes a big difference!  Thanks for the support you provided when I started this running journey, I hope to count with your help again!